Tuesday, June 19, 2007

my life's alright without you

No Age’s brand new record, Weirdo Rippers belongs to a genre which is relatively hard to please the ears, aka noise rock. Although I am not really a fan or too familiar with this genre, I find myself extremely excited about Weirdo Rippers. Not only am I completely in love with the album right now, but I think Weirdo Rippers is actually one of the finest records of 2007 so far. No Age has successfully created a brilliantly solid record from start to finish; the mixture of 80s' hardcore punk, indie pop and Suicide influenced approach make every part of Weirdo Rippers engaging. What also makes Weirdo Rippers such an incredible record is its wonderfully strange ability to project surreal/dreamlike sensations to its listeners.

Boy Void [wicked-cool song]
Everybody's Down [wicked-cool song]
Neck Escaper [wicked-cool song]
Escarpment [wicked-cool song]
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1 comment:

Mark said...

I agree! This is probably my favorite cd of this year.