Thursday, June 07, 2007

three bands to look out for during nxne

North By Northeast starts today in Toronto, what bands are you seeing? Multi-dates music festival can be pretty overwhelming; and deciding which few bands to see out of hundreds can be tough! So, to help all you concert goers out, I have narrowed down three bands you must see during NXNE!

1. The Nymphets

The Nymphets was the best act I saw during CMW a few months back. Their fast tempo and ultra energetic sets will win anyone over.

You Look So Good [wicked-cool song]
Dreaming [wicked-cool song]
Murder [wicked-cool song]

The Nymphets is playing at Comfort Zone on Friday at 11pm

2. A Northern Chorus

Their 2005 release, Bitter Hands Resign, featured some beautifully composed music. A Northern Chorus will sure produce a grand atmosphere with their heroic music.

This Open Heart
Watershed Divide

A Northern Chorus is playing at Sneaky Dees on Thursday at 12am

3. Sydney

Incredible band... fans of Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friends must check out Sydney... that is all I have to say!!!

Got Some Purple Stuff... Hey, Sunny D

Sydney is playing at Kathedral on Friday at 10pm

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