Saturday, June 30, 2007

the ghosts are dancing in the hallways were we lived

There are two sides to The Ghost Is Dancing’s debut full-length, The Darkest Spark: One, the cheerful, up-lifting side; and two, the emotional driven, serious side. Songs like "We'll Make It" and "Shuttles And Planes" are fun and poppy as these songs suggest a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of victory. In contrast, the mood of the music shifts in "The Dark And The Bright" as well as "Arrivals (Are Never Enough)" to create a more dramatic tone. Nevertheless, The Darkest Spark is for the most part, a bright and glorious record. The Ghost Is Dancing is like a mellow down, less hyper version of Mates of State and Tilly & The Wall, so make sure you check out The Darkest Spark if you are a fan of the two bands.

The Darkest Spark
We'll Make It [wicked-cool song]
The Dark And The Bright

by The Darkest Spark here

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Hey - I am really glad to discove this. great job!