Wednesday, May 27, 2009

pajo: scream with me

I love associating artists/albums with the different seasons; for instance, I have always love to listen to Great Lake Swimmer and Wilco (especially Sky Blue Sky) during the summer. This summer, I am adding Pajo’s highly anticipated new record, Scream With Me to my playlist. The legendary David Pajo once again bring the most dreamy and tranquil songs to my ears. Wait, I forgot to mention, Scream With Me is a Misfits covers album!!!!!!! Here’s the breakdown of the songs: 6 our of the 9 songs are from Static Age, 2 from Walk Among Us and lastly, the amazing "Horror Business". And yes, even with lyrics such as “When do creatures rape your face”; “The omelet of disease awaits your noontime meal/her mouth of germicide seducing all your plans”; “Kennedy's shattered head hits concrete/ride Johnny ride”; and “I'll put a knife right in you/I'm warning you”, I still think that this record is unbelievably dreamy and tranquil! Seriously, Pajo’s lo-fi acoustic guitar and vocal are the most relaxing combination in music today! Scream With Me is definitely an essential record for the summer. Misfits fans should find the covers amusing and if David Pajo is new to you, make sure you check out his self-titled record, it was one of my favourite records of 2005 (and Slint's Spiderland... but that's pretty much a given for any indie rock/math rock fans.)

Horror Business [wicked-cool song]
Attitude [wicked-cool song]

visit Pajo's MySpace here
Scream With Me is only available on vinyl, you can buy it here

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TypicalFashion said...

Good choice, i've been loving this record for a number of months now, and it got me to listen to my old misfits records too.