Monday, May 25, 2009

dd/mm/yyyy: black square

It is quite difficult to pinpoint DD/MM/YYYY’s Black Square to a single genre as the 35-minute record features a collection of diverse styles. Black Squares begins with "Bronzage" and "No Life"—two up-tempo noise punk sensations! The album takes a sudden turn by the third track as the mellow pacing of "They" provides a nice break from the two noisy openers. The band experiments with yet another style by song four; "Infinity Skull Cube" is very rhythm driven and almost math rock sounding. The next two tracks are both instrumental; yet, they sound very different from each other—"My Glasses" is a drone noise track while "Birdtown" is progressive/math rock sounding. From "Sirius" onward, Black Square feels more cohesive as the band alternates/experiments between noise punk and math rock. Black Square might be hard to digest at first because of its disjointed style; but do not be afraid, it is one of those albums that gets better with each listen. The disjointedness makes sense after a while and it is also what makes Black Square a fine record.

Real Eyes

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