Monday, May 04, 2009

old abram brown: alive in winter

I am not sure how I came across Old Abram Brown, but after hearing their debut, Alive in Winter for the first time, I knew that the band’s pretty special. Old Abram Brown borrows plenty of elements from Cold War Kids. Alive in Winter features that similar country-blues/folk sound as well as the wonderful soulful rhythms and melodies... the crashing piano and recurring horn throughout the record is absolutely fantastic! On the other hand, they tend to experiment more with the rhythms and the structures in their music; the last track, "Muddy Bricks" reminds me of "Popplagið" by Sigur Rós. Old Abram Brown's debut is a really fascinating record; and it is quite gorgeous sounding as well. Although the title is Alive in Winter, it feels more like a summer album to me; it is such a 'sit in your front porch and read a book' chill out album!

Will Our Garden Grow [wicked-cool song]
Ten Pounds [wicked-cool song]
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Drew said...

Have you heard the band's new album, Restless Ghosts?

Jackman said...

Only once or twice a while back... sounded really good, definitely need to listen to it more!