Monday, June 01, 2009

happy bachelor day

Patrick Wolf’s new record, The Bachelor came out today in the UK! Go buy it from you local record stores.

Battle [wicked-cool song]
Hard Times (Alec Empire Remix)

In other news, the NXNE 09 preview video is up, this year's line-up looks promising!

Check out Bat For Lashes' video for "Pearl's Dream":

Lastly, watch Vimby Backyard Session With Great Lake Swimmers below:


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen your review on The Bachelor yet, what are your thoughts on the album?

Jackman said...

To be honest, I actually do not like it all that much. Something is missing, it does not feel like a cohesive album to me and there are only a few songs that I really like. I don’t know... I guess that every record that Patrick Wolf puts out, I will compare it to Lycanthropy and Wind In The Wires and those two are just absolutely perfect records!

Anonymous said...

Can you please upload the Hard Times Alec Epire remix again?