Tuesday, May 26, 2009

grammatics: grammatics

To be honest, I did not make it through the entire thing the very first time I listened to Grammatics’s self-titled debut. I didn’t think highly of it, but there was this one song in particular that stood out. The brilliant track "Murderer" is the reason why I went back months later and gave Grammatics another go. I am glad that I gave this band/record another chance as it has now become one of my favourite albums of the year. This album is an excellent example of great band chemistry—the multi-textured arrangements work wonderfully with Owen Brinley’s dramatic vocal deliveries—the music and vocal interact so beautifully together! Grammatics’s S/T debut is flawlessly remarkable and it is the best debut record I have heard this year!

Murderer [super-wicked-cool song]
Relentless Fours [wicked-cool song]
Polar Swelling

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