Monday, August 11, 2008

woodpigeon: treasury library canada

Currently, the majority of my favourite folk-rock acts are from Canada: Plants and Animals, Great Lake Swimmers, and The Acorn; and I can add one more to that list: Calgary’s Woodpigeon. The common denominator between Woodpigeon’s new album, Treasury Library Canada, and the bands mentioned above is the vocalists’ gorgeous voices and their sweet and passionate lyrics. "7th Fret Over Andres": "If I were a diplomat, I could live wherever I put my hat and I’ll build an island just for you and the total population: two..." Treasury Library Canada is also filled with playful instrumentation and fascinating textures; I especially love when a crescendo of polyphonic textures collapse over Mark Hamilton’s soft voice. Treasury Library Canada is such a rich and in depth album that should stay on your playlist for a long time.

Piano Pieces for Adult Beginners
7th Fret Over Andres [wicked-cool song]
Anna, Girl in the Clocktower
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Anonymous said...

liking this album alot

Anonymous said...

do you have their old album? ive tried searching EVERYWHERE in calgary and no such luck.

Anonymous said...


If I were an aeroplane / And all you had left was pocket change / I would fly the whole wide world for you / Like a bird takes to the skies of blue / But I’m just a simple guy / And I didn’t wave when your train went by / Because I really didn’t want to believe / That you were speeding away / Away from me / If I were a diplomat / I could live wherever I put my hat / And I’d build an island just for you / And me / Total population: 2 / But I’m just an ordinary man / Whose silly dreams just don’t fit the plans / Of a border town run by guards / Between two countries and / Between two hearts / I thought I’d change it if I could / But now I’m not so sure I ever would / It’s when you find / That life is not a movie show / And in your mind then it really smarts / In all this time / I thought perhaps you’d want to know just / What it’s like to be in love / If I were a novelist / I’d write a book for the best-seller lists / And in it I’d never have to let you go / And by the last page everyone would know / That I’m just a silly boy / Whose words are a little shy and a little bit coy / But they’re not meant for anyone but you / And all that matters is you knowing it’s all true / I thought I’d change it if I could / But now I’m not so sure I ever would / So should I love and lose or just not love at all? / It’s up to you to try it / Because up above / I’d like to hope and think and know that / You and I / We could make it / You and I / We could make it / You and I / We could make it