Friday, August 01, 2008

the wave pictures: instant coffee baby

Initially, I got hooked into The Wave Pictures’ Instant Coffee Baby by the bands' laid back 50s rock n roll sound, awesome guitar solos, and the ever so enjoyable handclaps; however, it did not take long for me to realise that the best part about the album is its amusing and captivating lyrics. Let me give you a little sample:

I Love You Like A Madman
"If I made it through Christmas without smoking till your parents went to bed, if you made it through too without sticking your nail scissors in my neck, I'll buy you bras instead of pickled eggs, chocolate instead of chutney, good red wine instead of bad red wine, next time I remember your birthday."

We Come Alive
"You didn’t know that I’ve been writing letters to other girls, in shaky shaky hand writing; we spoon like 50s housewives buzzing like a hive, the room is spinning faster than a 45."
"Well, you were an octopus and I was an orangutan and everybody in there saw the way that we carried on but everyone who knows me knows that I made up all these stories."

Avocado Baby
"You called me over though I drive you crazy, my eyes are still as strong as the avocado baby, though my hands start shaking in the second I waken I am soft and still and lazy and my tongue is on the run and it’s only just begun, did you ever see a good joke turn so sour?"

Just Like A Drummer
"The Sun came in like a pack of orange spaniels through the window over the ledge under the curtain on their bellies creeping and bending."

Lyrics like the ones above are all over Instant Coffee Baby; they are sometimes very random, mostly uplifting and highly entertaining... and that is exactly why I highly recommend this album!

I Love You Like A Madman [wicked-cool song]
Avocado Baby [wicked-cool song]
Strange Fruit Or David [wicked-cool song]
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