Friday, August 08, 2008

smile upon us: smile upon us

Smile Down Upon Us’ self-titled debut is the result of Phelan Sheppard (electronica duo Keiron Michael Phelan and David John Sheppard from London, England) exchanging ideas and songs with Tokyo vocalist moomLooo through the internet for 14 months. The final product is very experimental sounding; I can’t really think of anything that might sound similar... maybe something by Shugo Tokumaru because of the playful qualities in the music, and "Rayla No Lullaby" sort of reminds me of Bat For Lashes... otherwise, it is indeed quite an unique sounding album. I absolutely love how Smile Down Upon Us feels very free and vibrant; about half of the album is in Japanese, but that should not stop anyone from hearing moomLooo’s mesmerizingly tranquil voice!

Rayla No Lullaby [wicked-cool song]
Ken Ken Pah
A Vessel In The Fragrance [wicked-cool song]
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