Friday, August 29, 2008

got woken up by birds and bees

Lot’s of Toronto concert news:
Criminal Records will host The Park A.D. on September 12th, Johnny Flynn on October 4th, and The Buttless Chaps on the 10th; as always, these in-stores are all FREE!
Speaking of free, Vice is bringing Crystal Castles to Hart House on September 4th, RSVP at

Plants and Animals will play on September 18th and Asobi Seksu on October 21st at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern.

No Age comes back on November 21st! and The Acorn with Ohbijou on November 27th, both shows at Lee’s Palace.

Lastly, Monotonix, the most entertaining live band in the world, returns to Toronto on October 23rd at Wrong Bar!!!!!!

Now onto a different note (but still music related):
I have discovered many new artists through since I joined the site about two and a half years ago; it is quite a prefect online music community for all music lovers out there. I have recently discovered a similar music networking through my Microsoft’s Zune player called Zune Social. Like, it is a place where you can share your music tastes and browse what other users are listening to. How it works is it remembers and displays the music you listened to on your Zune, much like how scrobbles songs you listened to on your computer. Similarly, users can suggest artists/songs by messaging each other through the Zune dashboard. Along with, MySpace, and Muxtape, Zune Social is certainly another great way to find new music. The only downside for me is that Zune is not Mac compatible.

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Anonymous said...

The other downside is that it sucks balls and is ugly as fuck.