Friday, August 22, 2008

women: women

Calgary, Alberta’s Women is one of those bands that reminds me of so many bands in my record collection. Every time I listen their self-titled debut, I try to pinpoint what a certain song sounds like to me. So far, a handful of bands/styles come into mind when listening to Women: a No Age style of noise pop in "Lawncare"; Deerhunter like psychedelic melodies in "Upstairs"; "Woodbine" has similar experimental/drone sound as Atlas Sound; "January 8th" has Liars style noise rhythms; and finally, there is a 60s pop rock vibe in "Black Rice" and "Group Transport Hall". Despite these similarities (keep in mind that they are just harmless, personal comparisons), Women is in fact quite original and to be able to pull off all these elements but still maintain such a cohesive and solid album is rather mind-blowing.

Cameras [wicked-cool song]
Group Transport Hall
January 8th
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reese said...

awesome album, they remind me of animal collective.