Thursday, July 31, 2008

sam amidon: all is well

I wanted write a post for All Is Well by Sam Amidon for a long time now (I have fallen in love with the album since February), but I find it quite hard to write about something that is so genuine and so beautiful... I am afraid that I will say the wrong thing and put people off from hearing it. Nevertheless, I will try my best to describe how I feel about Sam Amidon’s latest album.

All Is Well is a celebration of classic American folk blues. Sam Amidon’s voice and the melodies he created are absolutely gorgeous to listen to. Ironically, All Is Well maintains a mostly grief and tragic tone throughout: for instance, loneliness and lost love in "Sugar Baby"; longing for an old lover in "Saro"; and finally, jealousy and murder in "Wild Bill Jones" (only Amidon can make such psychotic lyrics sound delicate and pretty!) On the contrary, All Is Well does give listeners hope and joy in songs like "Wedding Dress", "Little Satchel", and "Prodigal Son". Amidon sings in a soft and fragile vocal style that is meditative and graceful; my eyes are usually closed so I can fully absorb the passion and beauties that the album conveys. All Is Well makes me sad, makes me happy, and it makes me dream.

Little Johnny Brown [wicked-cool song]
Saro [wicked-cool song]
Little Satchel [wicked-cool song]
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Anonymous said...

love this album :)

Anonymous said...

Like the album, but not sure if the video is right for the song though.

Jackman said...

I enjoy the video, but I can see how it might not fit the song.

Here's another video for "Saro":

Mikkel Kolbak said...

I think you captured the album well in your description - I myself have called it a "diamond in the rough". "All is well" is genuine as you say and not overproduced which left me with music and lyrics that touch me in a way I rarely experience.