Wednesday, July 02, 2008

cadence weapon: afterparty babies

Rollie Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon is a hip-hop artist from Edmonton. His second full-length, entitled Afterparty Babies, is one amazing record! Not only is Cadence Weapon a smooth lyricist, but the music is top-notch and incredibly diverse as well. You get a dance/electronica sound in "In Search of the Youth Crew"; Viktor Vaughn like beats in "True Story" and "The New Face of Fashion"; 2-Step/Garage style in "House Music"; and finally, the music in "Limited Edition OJ Slammer" sounds like something out of old-school 8-bit Atari games... so awesome! Afterparty Babies is everything you ever wanted in a hip-hop album; it is an instant classic!

In Search of the Youth Crew [wicked-cool song]
Limited Edition OJ Slammer [wicked-cool song]
House Music [wicked-cool song]
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thisorthat said...

just recently got into this, great album.