Monday, April 07, 2008

serafina steer: cheap demo bad science

I love both Regina Spektor and Joanna Newsom, but they can be a little overwhelming from time to time. So naturally, the combination of the two may not be the best idea, right? Well, not if the mix is a toned-down and mellower version of the two. That is exactly how I would describe Serafina Steer. Her record, Cheap Demo Bad Science is the perfect marriage of the two. In addition to her soft and tranquil voice, Steer captures the humbleness of Joanna Newsom and the spontaneous delivery of Regina Spektor. As for the instrumentations, Steer employs a similar minimalistic approach to Nancy Elizabeth's. Cheap Demo Bad Science is not extraordinary nor is it the most original album ever; it is really just a lovely sounding record, and that is good enough for me.

Uncomfortable [wicked-cool song]
Peach Heart
Cheap Demo Bad Science
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