Friday, April 11, 2008

our sleepless forest: our sleepless forest

Our Sleepless Forest’s self-titled debut is like one big dream compressed into a 43-minutes album. The tone and the environment that the album creates is completely refreshing; the drone sound produces calmingly peaceful and airy atmosphere. The best feature of the album is that the only vocals come from animals and a short segment of a person talking in "The Tinderbox". All there is really to say is that Our Sleepless Forest is surely one beautiful and surreal sounding ambient journey.

I know that a lot of people are feeling pretty hectic, frustrated and not getting much sleep lately because school is almost over and the due dates for final projects/essays/exams are coming up very soon. My suggestion, the next time you feel stuck and aggravated, close your eyes for a few minutes and unwind yourself with the songs below.

The Tinderbox [wicked-cool song]
Aircastles [wicked-cool song]
Afraid of You [wicked-cool song]
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