Friday, April 25, 2008

santogold: santogold

One of the last projects I had to do for school this year was to create a Flash page for a musician/band that features their music, video, bio, lyrics... you know, things that you would find on a band’s website. I was pretty excited to do it because I could do an entire project on Patrick Wolf! One of my classmates did her Flash page on someone named Santogold. She played a couple of songs by the Philadelphia native and I immediately fell in love with her. Initially, I thought Santogold sounded like M.I.A.; but after listening to more songs from her self-titled debut, I had a much different opinion about her. A few songs such as "Shove It", "Creator", and "Unstoppable" do have somewhat similar style and energy as M.I.A., but the album overall has more of an alternative dance pop feel. Regardless, Santogold is full of perfect summer party anthems and it is just an incredibly enjoyable record!

You'll Find A Way [wicked-cool song]
Creator [wicked-cool song]
Unstoppable [wicked-cool song]
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visit Santogold's MySpace here
Santogold comes out on April 29th, you can pre-order it here


trashzoo said...

well, you've made me a fan

Foam said...

quality...great work..

Jackman said...

I am glad that you guys enjoy Santogold! I wonder what she's like live?