Monday, April 21, 2008

no age: nouns

It is no secret to regular readers of this blog that I love No Age. Weirdo Rippers was my favourite record of last year and I have been blogging about them regularly for the past year. Indeed, Nouns is my most anticipated release of 2008 and I am naturally far too excited about it!

No Age’s Sub Pop debut begins with a track characterized by lo-fi vocal drowned out by noisy distorted guitar melodies, rhythmic hammering of the drums, and endless awesomeness. "Miner" really sets up the tone for the rest of the record, tracks such as "Teen Creeps", "Sleeper Hold", "Cappo", "Ripped Knees", and "Brain Burner" all follow a similar structure. The duo made a great choice in picking "Eraser" as their first single. The accompanying tambourine enhances an already brilliantly rich texture. In addition, the single uses the signature Weirdo Rippers sound with its surreal/dreamlike build-up, which aside from few other tracks, is mostly absent from Nouns.

Back when Weirdo Ripper was released, I wrote that it was the result of noise rock mixed with 80s' hardcore punk, indie pop and Suicide influenced style. There are some changes this time around: the instrumentations are overall more 80s hardcore/Hüsker Dü sounding while the vocals are rawer and rather lo-fi. Nevertheless, just like Weirdo Ripper, Nouns is another exceptionally solid and engaging record from start to finish!

Miner [wicked-cool song]
Teen Creeps [wicked-cool song]
Here Should Be My Home [wicked-cool song]
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Nouns comes out on May 6th, you can pre-order it here


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