Thursday, March 08, 2007


Pitchfork reviewed The Magic Position today... not only did it received a high score of 8.3, The Magic Position also made it onto the 'Best New Music' section! What is going on... Pitchfork is actually liking the music I listen to??!!

The Marriage [iTunes bonus track] [wicked-cool song]
***file expires in 7 days
***reuposted on May 2, 2007

buy The Magic Position here


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Pierre said...

How did I miss that? I've been looking for that song for quite some time and although I follow your blog via Bloglines, I've somehow missed this post. If you could post the track again, I'd be grateful.

Pierre said...

Wow ! That was quick! Thanks. :)

That habit of artists to give away exclusive tracks with album downloads annoys me quite a bit. There shouldn't be more tracks in a download package than on the actual CD. It only makes buying CDs less attractive... and I happen to like CDs. :)

Alei said...

thanks SOOO much for that song, i couldn't find it anywhere! and it's fantastic!!


Jackman said...

i agree with you pierre... those extra download only songs are really annoying!! plus, it really confuse me why "the marriage" is not on the album!

Anonymous said...

this song should def be reuploaded :[[[