Friday, March 16, 2007

i listened to my record collection...

I saw more than a dozen bands during CMW last week and at least a handful of them were pretty great. The one band that definitely stood out for me was a band from Montreal, Quebec called The Nymphets. I saw them twice during the festival and both of their sets were fast tempo and ultra energetic! There was little to none of that 'dreading-talking-in-between-songs crap' that most bands make the audience suffer through; instead, The Nymphets pretty much played straight through their set and incredibly, they managed to squeeze in over 10 tracks in about 30 mins. For most parts, the lead singer chanted out the vocals in super-speed while I am pretty sure the drummer can beat anyone in a drum-off. The Nymphets make songs in a punk style that shouts Ramones influence... well... I guess they are a lot faster and less punk anthems like. Nonetheless, be sure to check out The Nymphets live and go buy their self-titled release!

You Look So Good [wicked-cool song]
I Don't Care [wicked-cool song]
Wednesday Morning [super-wicked-cool song]
I Don't Wanna Live On Earth No More [wicked-cool song]
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go to The Nymphets official site here
go to The Nymphets MySpace page here

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