Friday, March 09, 2007

cmw march 8, 2007: photo diary

Bands seen:
Bit by Bats
Comic Book Fever
I Hate Sally
The Kissaway Trail
Les Breastfeeders
The Nymphets
This Is Hell

This Is Hell @ The Kathedral
Very high energy! This performance reminded me sooooo much of GlassJaw live... oh, how I missed GlassJaw live!

The Nymphets @ Sneaky Dee's
Excellent band! Look for a review of their CD in coming weeks.

Les Breastfeeders @ Silver Dollar
Extremely entertaining!!! ...funny and disturbing (tambourine player). There was a shit load of media people at that show... could Les Breastfeeders be 'the next big thing'?


Anonymous said...

lol. as captivating as the tambourine player was, i think the dancing dude stole the spotlight though!

Liam said...

Is the singer from les breastfeeders pete wentz? And is that my dad?

Anonymous said...

actually, the singer from les breastfeeders is the guy from the hives' estranged french-canadian brother. and yes, that is your dad liams! oh my gosh the drunk dancer girl from tonight totally stole ths spotlight from the dancing dude from last night! it's on!

Liam said...

Also I love how you can totally see the "Oh fuck, surrounded by 15 year-olds, THIS is Hell" speech bubble in that third pic.

*avoids leviathan*