Monday, June 22, 2009

nxne09, the end

Here’s a little write-up of my NXNE experience:

This year’s festival was probably one of the most (if not THE most) lively music events I have experienced in Toronto... congrats to the folks who put the festival together! The sheets were buzzing with remarkable music each night and I saw countless enthusiastic/cheerful music lovers wandering from venue to venue till late at night/early morning.

Highlights from NXNE/bands I would see over and over again:

Patrick Wolf
Absolutely spectacular! Quite a few of you knew of my dislike/disappointment of the new record prior to this concert. I have listened to The Bachelor no less than 10 times since then!

The Daredevil Christopher Wright
Hands down my favourite discovery in this year’s festival.
Get their debut full-length, In Deference to a Broken Back here... or if you are in the Toronto area, it is available exclusively at Criminal Records.

Crystal Antlers
High energy and very entertaining, more reasons to love Tentacles!

Another high energy band—good old punk music!

This band was a surprise; I didn’t think they would be this amazing live! Their music makes more sense in concert form, but I still love Black Square!

Ghost Bees
What an astonishing set at Bread and Circus Saturday night! Not only are the two sisters extremely talented musicians, they are frakking hilarious as well!

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Pierre said...

Glad you sauw the light. The Bachelor really is a good album (and Vulture really is a good single :)