Wednesday, June 10, 2009

here we go magic: here we go magic

The first half of Here We Go Magic’s self-titled record feels very lively. It features that Akron/Family and Animal Collective sort of sound: avant-garde and psychedelic vibes meet up-tempo tribal rhythms. On the other hand, the other half the record (just before the final track) is quite the opposite. The use of drone sound and repetitions make the latter half strikingly dream-like and surreal sounding. "Everything's Big"—The Grizzly Bear-like last track—is the perfect ending to Here We Go Magic. This gentle and carefree track provides a cheerful conclusion to a wonderfully peculiar sounding record. The whimsical instrumentation and Luke Temple’s beautiful voice contribute to the gorgeousness of Here We Go Magic; in addition, it is also one of the most unique sounding records I have heard this year.

Tunnelvision [wicked-cool song]
Everything's Big [wicked-cool song]

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