Sunday, March 01, 2009

ribbons: royals

Is it possible to not think of Radiohead after hearing the first two songs from Ribbons’ Royals? "All of Us" screams "15 Step" while "The Last and Least Likely" sounds like something out of OK Computer. Nevertheless, these first two songs are phenomenal! The drum machine, string arrangement and Jherek Bischoff’s vocal contribute to the beautifully mysterious opener. From the noisy, distorted vocal and guitar in "Children's Song" to the minimal eastern sound of "Miu Miu", Bischoff experimented with an incredible range of musical styles. For the most part, Royals is very dreamy and atmospheric and without a doubt, it is a brilliantly rich musical experience. Ribbons’ Royals is probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but fans of experimental music like Xiu Xiu, The Ruby Suns, Benoît Pioulard and Scott Walker should definitely give this a try!

All of Us [wicked-cool song]
Children's Song [wicked-cool song]
Silver Locket [wicked-cool song]
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