Friday, March 13, 2009

new p.wolf!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can listen to the new Patrick Wolf single, "Vulture" over at BBC6 Music!
"Vulture" will be released as a digital and 7" single on April 20th!


Liam said...

You can also listen to it just on his myspace now, and consequently it is circulating all over the internet.

Pierre said...

And it's nothing short of amazing. For someone like me who didn't get into The Magic Position that much, it's a great come back to form.

Can't wait for the album.

Liam said...

It's definitely catchy, but looking at the tracklist for the album and thinking back to the live versions I've heard of those songs in the past, I'm betting on Vulture being my least favourite track. In terms of electronic music, Kriegsspiel hands Vulture it's ass, even in it's 1 minute 30 second demo form.