Monday, January 21, 2008

xiu xiu: women as lovers

Like all of Xiu Xiu previous releases, Women as Lovers is yet another record filled with ambitious experimentation in rhythm, structure, and noise. Xiu Xiu’s sixth full-length is not very different from any other Xiu Xiu albums; I guess there is no need for dramatic changes since the band’s sound is already so original and the music is always so engaging. It is interesting though to hear saxophone on their cover of "Under Pressure" as I don’t ever recall hearing the saxophone on any Xiu Xiu songs – the saxophone addition sounds like something out of the Lost Highway Soundtrack. The bottom-line is, if you are a longtime Xiu Xiu fan, you will enjoy Women as Lovers; however, if you were never a fan of Xiu Xiu’s music, you are probably not going to be crazy about this release.

[UPDATED on January 22, 2008]

I Do What I Want When I Want [wicked-cool song]
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No Friend Oh!
Under Pressure (feat. Michael Gira)
[wicked-cool song]
You Are Pregnant, You Are Dead [wicked-cool song]
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Women as Lovers comes out on January 29th, you can pre-order it here

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