Wednesday, January 09, 2008

vampire weekend: vampire weekend

The first 2008 release I can’t stop listening to is the self-title debut full-length by Vampire Weekend. I knew virtually nothing about this band aside from the fact that I am currently in love with their upcoming record. So, I decided to do a little research about them, and the majority of articles I read described Vampire Weekend as Afro-pop or they are influenced by Afrobeat. To be honest, I have absolutely NO idea what they meant, but I do hear a heavy dose of ska elements on Vampire Weekend. Their combination of ska and indie pop (think The Shins + ska) makes the band’s debut an utterly catchy and amusing record! A few highlights include "Oxford Comma", which sort of reminds me of something from Z by My Morning Jacket while "Bryn" sounds wonderfully like of something by Zombies; "M79" and "Walcott" both feature some fantastic violin sections; and finally, the honest and very witty lyrics of "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" brilliantly describe a seemingly awkward relationship between the singer and a materialist girl. Vampire Weekend is a marvelous debut and 2008 should be a huge year for this very talented band!

Oxford Comma [wicked-cool song]
M79 [wicked-cool song]
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa [wicked-cool song]
Walcott [wicked-cool song]
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Vampire Weekend comes out on January 28th, you can pre-order it here


Anonymous said...

they r coming to t.o

gentleman_hanger said...

i also love these guys. i cheated and put it on my best of 07 list.

im downloading m79, i dont think it was on my copy.

Jackman said...

OMG, you got the album in 07?!?! And I know it is WAY too early for 08 list, but Vampire Weekend is definitely my favourite right now!

Anonymous said...

this band is AMAZING!