Monday, January 28, 2008

"stu stu studio life"

Patrick Wolf wrote about a television special, DVD, and new album in his latest MySpace blog entry:

Dearest dearest...

So today on this cold january afternoon I spend the last of a good few weeks of hard listening mixing and producing all the audio from the shepherds bush empire finale from last month for a television special to be premiered on virgin television special very soon and then an extended version to be turned into my first DVD later in the year. The film has been lovingly shot and directed by the photographer brantley gutierrez who I worked with alot last year on my USA tour.
I opened him up to my early morning ramblings in my messy christmas flat, playing the piano and getting ready for the final last two shows of the epic magic position tour of 2007.

I have also been secretly working away, crafting away on the new album too in the sleepy black and amber of these long coid winter nights. loading up my old laptops, generating beats and writing, typing nonstop at the piano keys and computer keys, trying to communicate some of the journeys, misadventures and experiences from the last couple of years since The Magic Position was completed. Slowly recovering and returning to a more regular private rhythm of life. Trying to remember how to live outside of hotels and six different airports each week is alot more confusing and tricky than I expected but life is showing me marvels and slowly vitality, inspiration and productivity is returning to my days and nights.

I send love, life and all the best from London to you wherever or however on this planet you may be. Thanks for all being out there, for your support as I get all my new work and vision together for you.

til the bluebells are ringing..
yours x patrick


Ro said...

I thought you were over Phil Collins :P

Jackman said...

Whatever, The Phil is awesome!