Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"may two thousand and eight be your best ... "

New P. Wolf MySpace blog post:

thankyou for an amazing year to the friends of
the roads i have travellled with and the people
ive met and parts of the world
I long to see again. I have seen so much and
sung my heart out to more people than I could have
dreamt of. It makes me so happy to know and rememeber
moments from tokyo to san francisco to toronto to london
to los angeles and seattle brisbane melbourne sydney
detroit philadelphia boston washington exeter middlesboruough
glasgow brighton bristol cardiff northampton cambridge colchester
portsmouth birmingham nottingham manchester liverpool leeds newcastle
sheffield stoke southend dublin brixton New York rotterdam Malaga lisbon
Braga Berlin Cologne Hamburg Munich Chicago Philadalphia
Vancouver california shepherds bush
isle of white glastonbury readng leeds arvika
benicassim.. everywhere, i just start remembering..
dont want to miss any of you out
but the champagne is flowing..... the whole show! everyone thankyou
from the bottom of my heart for a great year.

lets make 2008 a better wonderful stronger magik triumphant inspirational year
as the great bjork says declare indipedance! dance ! dance DANZing!!!!!!!!!
see you all very soon beautiful creatures! ....

Bonne Chance!

x P W X 2007 2 8 X
xx p

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