Saturday, April 10, 2010

two door cinema club: tourist history

Today, I woke up with the song "Undercover Martyn" by Two Door Cinema Club in my head... I was just going to post the video for the song, but instead, I decided to write about Tourist History, the full length debut by the trio from Northern Ireland. Tourist History is by no means innovative or original; it is simply a very UK sounding, catchy-as-hell indiepop album. As a result, Two Door Cinema Club’s debut is not short of cheeky (and sometimes delightfully cheesy) lyrics, memorable melodies, and fancy synth hooks; think Mystery Jets meets The Futureheads meets Late Of The Pier. It is useless to over-analyze Tourist History, take it for what it is—a cheerful and straightforward album with a handful of unforgettable pop songs.

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Kathy said...

MGMT debuted at #2 with "Congratulations" soooo you should probably check it out. Here's the itunes link: