Sunday, April 04, 2010

swanton bombs: mumbo jumbo and murder

Happy Easter!

I first heard of Swanton Bombs late last year when I got my hands on the Mammoth Skull EP—I really enjoyed the Beatles/Blur sounding track "Moth And Moon Song"... and I guess the EP was decent enough for me check out the duo’s new full-length, Mumbo Jumbo And Murder. While Mammoth Skull had that very distinct British indie-pop sound, Mumbo Jumbo And Murder is a more raw and noisy garage rock album. Although I do love the cheeky indie Brit-pop sound, I am in favoured of the louder approach—as there can never be enough noisy garage-punk album to rock out to! Mumbo Jumbo And Murder is sweet in that not only does it feature some killer drum rhythms, but the distorted garage riffs are often mixed with blues and classic rock melodies. Sure, there are a few misses with Swanton Bombs’ debut, but Mumbo Jumbo And Murder is in general a very entertaining album!

Who's Asking?
If You Will

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