Monday, June 23, 2008

your love is like a thorn into my side

The Dodos are difficult to describe. They've received many comparisons to Animal Collective, with their lush acoustic guitars, quirky tempo changes, and tribal-like percussions. But please don't let the comparisons deter you/get your hopes up. You should just check these tracks out and judge for yourself.

From "Fools", a song about how the general population failed to care for/change/better our world generation after generation to the simple and heartfelt song about one declaring eternal love to another in "Undeclared", The Dodos are not shy to sing about anything in Visiter. Even with such a variety of topics, it is a solid album from start to finish! Every song is memorable and they work perfectly with each other to make Visiter one of the best albums of 2008!

Fools [super-wicked-cool song]
Winter [wicked-cool song]
Undeclared [wicked-cool song]
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Anonymous said...

love the dodos, i hear the animal collective influence for sure!

Holly said...

Best album of the year!