Thursday, June 05, 2008

old gypsy woman spoke to me, said you're a wolf boy get out of this town

I just saw Sea Wolf live at the El Mocambo in Toronto a couple of days ago. Despite what was probably the most disappointing audience reception I've ever seen at a Toronto show, the band was amazing. Sea Wolf plays to all of my weak spots: Cello elements, anecdotal lyrics, a decent variety in song styles... Add to that the wonderful vocals of Alex Church, and you've got the fantastic record that is Leaves in the River.

The band also collaborated with author Augusten Borroughs, producing the song "Song of the Magpie" for the audio version of A Wolf at the Table. The track is probably my favourite of Sea Wolf's.

See them on tour!

Song Of The Magpie
You're A Wolf
Song For The Dead

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Anonymous said...

Sea Wolf is just lovely!