Monday, June 23, 2008

divine intervention

Patrick Wolf posted a new message on his MySpace blog:

Hello my dears

dear all.
Well as the summer has given us its summer solstice. Life has changed here for me.
It is strange that I will be 25 this year. . 25 is such an odd feeling, quarter of a century it is. It makes you look back on what you have acheived and be proud of yourself. I have made many changes in my life, found a home, found my feet on good earth again after all the touring of last year. I came home and found myself again. At the end of the magic position reignbough was my treasure, a boy conqueror who helped put the wreck that I became last year together again. I think I lost myself last december. Love heals the deepest wounds.
I have spent the last month in battle, 1066 hastings, recording the next album, im digging right deep to the bottom of my heart this time. there have been tears and screaming and nocturnal hours and lots of battle of beleif and heart, im really going on some exploration this time round, be prepared!
I checked myself into a rehearsal studio yesterday in london bridge to start thinking about the album tour and, I cant say what my new idea is because some random pop fluff might come steal my identity again but let me say that it will be major. major . lots of exciting collaborations are abound. joni mitchell, if you can hear me, I have a song called theseus for you to do with me.. x all the strength and happiness to you in these summer months. love yourself first and the rest will follow.
oh.. p.s . I hope you enjoy the angelo badlamenti song careless love, there are two different versions recorded that you will hear in good time and also my version of careless talk will be unveiled sometime soon too go see the edge of love, its a beautiful film about a wonderful poet by a fantastic director. and you can hear the song in the middle of movie after the marriage. for those in london, ill see you at bishi with the london symphony orchestra.. bring your cameras. document this moment in time, east and west come together x PW

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