Saturday, November 17, 2007

we rarely speak, but I do think of you a lot

I have been enchanted by the beautiful vocal of Victoria Bergsman’s solo project Taken By Trees recently. Taken By Trees’s Open Field is hauntingly gorgeous... and not in the same hauntingly gorgeous way as the new PJ Harvey record. In fact, the two belong in completely opposite spectrum. Unlike White Chalk, which feels sad and vulnerable, Open Field feels playful and light-hearted. Bergsman’s intentions for her solo debut seem to be fairly clear: the simple melodies along with a somewhat minimal instrumentation aid to emphasis Bergsman voice and lyrics. The former member of The Concretes has one of those voices that possess the power to stop you from whatever you are doing and have you devote all your attention to her. Open Field should be a record for everyone... I mean, how can anyone not enjoy such a naturally dreamy album?

Julia [wicked-cool song]
Lost and Found [wicked-cool song]
Too Young [wicked-cool song]
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Taken By Trees: Open Fieldbuy Open Field here

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