Thursday, November 01, 2007

hello hello, i say hello to you

Great Lake Swimmers records and Salyu’s Lily Chou-Chou always help reduce my stress level whenever I am in a panic; over the past week, I discovered another therapeutic record that has the same calming effect on me as well. Gutevolk’s Tiny People Singing Over The Rainbow is kind of my precious little gem right now. Hirono Nishiyama's latest solo project is full of tranquil harmonies, lo-key vocals, and beautiful textualized instrumentations. The multi-genre layers offer numerous styles from contemporary classical to ambient, electronic, and indie pop. In addition, different sound effects are carefully placed in various places throughout the record. Sounds from daily objects such as the typewriter in the opening track or telephone rings in "The Door to Everywhere" make the record feels very human and natural. No doubt, Tiny People Singing Over The Rainbow is a fairly unique album, and not to mention, it is gorgeously refreshing as well!

Portable Rain [wicked-cool song]
Seed of Sky [wicked-cool song]
Ao to Kuro [wicked-cool song]
Sing a Ring [wicked-cool song]
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Gutevolk: Tiny People Singing Over The Rainbowbuy Tiny People Singing Over The Rainbow here

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Michelle said...

thanks for uploading those, they are gorgeous!