Monday, November 05, 2007

let’s fear fear

Jesu have been extremely busy lately: two full-lengths, two EPs and a split 12” in the last nine months. Out of all the Jesu goodies so far this year, my personal favourites would have to be the 12” split with Eluvium and in particular, the Lifeline EP. Let’s see... how to compare the two? Well, for starter, they are both incredible releases! Musically, the split with Eluvium feels more electronic and ambient while the Lifeline EP is more drone and shoegaze sounding (more Jesus and Mary Chain-like). As usual, both records project a very breathtaking, yet indescribable surreal atmosphere, especially the track "Storm Comin' On" from Lifeline EP. Jarboe’s guest vocal on "Storm Comin' On" takes Jesu to another level as the combine effort sounds like something out of an epic fantasy! Even with such fantastic releases and hard work, it astonishes me that music lovers are not as excited about Jesu as they should be; Jesu is truly one of the most underrated bands in music today.

from Jesu/Eluvium Split 12"
Farewell [wicked-cool song]

Splitbuy Jesu/Eluvium Split here

from Lifeline EP
Lifeline [wicked-cool song]
Storm Comin' On [super-wicked-cool song]
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