Monday, September 21, 2009

mount eerie: wind's poem

Mount Eerie’s 3rd offcial album, Wind's Poem is rather dark and scary. Phil Elverum has created the most atmospheric album of 2009—Wind’s Poem takes you into the bewildering woods where you experience interactions with the wind, the rivers and the trees. Elverum’s soft voice and moments of soft harmonies are the perfect contrasts to the mysterious ambient noises and dark distorted drones; thus, creating the feeling of isolation and strangeness in a frighteningly unknown setting. Much like The Antlers’ Hospice, Wind's Poem by Mount Eerie is terrifyingly breathtaking... it is in fact, the most gorgeous music you will hear this year!

The European edition of Wind’s Poem features 3 extra/exclusive tracks—"(wind lyrics)", "Summons (acoustic)", and "Lost Wisdom"—these tracks are incredible and it is well worth the extra money!

Lost Wisdom pt. 2 [wicked-cool song]
Summons (acoustic) (Tomlab European edition with 3 exclusive tracks) [wicked-cool song]

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