Tuesday, September 08, 2009

how will they know just where to find?

This month seems to be the best month of reissues ever:

1) The Beatles digitally remastered mono and stereo CD box sets are out tomorrow! I hope they get a vinyl release in the future!

She's Leaving Home [super-wicked-cool song]

2) Sunny Day Real Estate’s Diary and LP2—remastered with rare bonus tracks and newly written liner notes are finally coming out on CD and vinyl next Tuesday!!!!!!!
I am seriously so excited about this! I got Diary on vinyl over the weekend and it sounds AMAZING!!!!! "8" and "9", which were originally released on Thief Steal Me A Peach 7” are the bonus tracks! I can’t wait to hear LP2 on vinyl!!!!! (sorry for exclamation marks overload)

In Circles [wicked-cool song]

3) Finally, one of the most influential British records of all time—The Stone Roses’ The Stone Roses—is available on vinyl (previously available as part of the 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition.) I also got this one over the weekend and cannot stop listening to it; it really sounds incredible on wax! If you live in/near the Toronto area, stop by at Criminal Records (493 Queen St. W) and pick up this limited release!

I Am The Resurrection [wicked-cool song]

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