Monday, February 09, 2009

never thought I'd be on a boat

Remember how after watching "Lazy Sunday" and that rap by Natalie Portman, you could’t get them out of your head for like months? Well, the new SNL Digital Short will do the same to you:

The Lonely Island: I'm On A Boat (ft. T-Pain) [super-wicked-cool song]

Lazy Sunday (ft. Chris Parnell) [super-wicked-cool song]
Natalie's Rap (ft. Natalie Portman & Chris Parnell) [super-wicked-cool song]
***all files expire in 7 days or until bandwidth reaches its limit

The Lonely Island's new album, Incredibad comes out tomorrow, buy it here

1 comment:

chrissie said...

can't stop listening to them.