Monday, January 26, 2009

emmy the great: first love

I have been hearing good things about Emma-Lee Moss, aka Emmy The Great for the past few months or so. I was told that her style is similar to acts such as Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn. So, being a fan of both and the UK folk/anti-folk scene, I decided to check out Emmy The Great’s soon to be released record, First Love. After spending much of my weekend listening to it, I have officially fallen in love with Emmy The Great! First Love is just full of incredible songs. "Absentee", "The Easter Parade", and "City Song" are just ambiguously gorgeous; "Dylan" has the thrilling up-tempo feel of Johnny Flynn; and she makes the experience of a fatal car accident in "MIA" beautiful. Not only does Emmy The Great writes fantastic songs, but her use of pop culture references make me adore the record even more! In "24", first she sings about my ultimate guilty pleasure: "you are watching a program for exactly an hour/all of these hours they will add up to a day/you will sit there till they're done but there are 24 to play", then she drops the name of one of my favourite poets: "first we were born then we ran slowly out of luck/you are still not Charles Bukowski and I am not Diane Cluck/and I would suck the life from you if there was any left to suck." Similarly, she cleverly references Leonard Cohen and "Hallelujah" in the title track. Believe all the hype you hear, Emmy The Great is an extraordinary songwriter and First Love is an amazing record!

Dylan [wicked-cool song]
MIA [wicked-cool song]
City Song [wicked-cool song]
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The BPA feat. Emmy The Great: Seattle from The BPA's I Think We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

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First Love comes out on February 9th, you can pre-order it here

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wicked! been trying to find her stuff since I heard her on Lightspeed Champion's stuff a while back.