Friday, January 23, 2009

circlesquare: songs about dancing and drugs

"Hey You Guys", a five and a half minutes of minimalistic pop build-up really sets the tone for Songs About Dancing And Drugs—Circlesquare’s first full-length in five years. In the new record, Jeremy Shaw invites listeners to a dark, mysterious and dreamy world of ambient electronic music. The record is very structured, balanced and contained... the instruments, vocal and sound effects are precisely arranged as nothing goes out of control; yet, there is not a dull moment as all the songs are nothing short of being fascinating and engaging. Songs About Dancing And Drugs is a rare one. It is, to an extent, an electronic record, but not without some strong ambient sound and dubstep style.

Hey You Guys
Music For Satellites [wicked-cool song]
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Songs About Dancing And Drugs comes out on Tuesday (January 27), you can pre-order it here

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