Thursday, September 04, 2008

woodhands: heart attack

Heart Attack begins with a soft female voice singing "I’ve been waiting all night long for you to ask me to dance..." over some up tempo electro beats; but "Dancer" really shines when the contrasting rough male voice shouts, "you're a very good dancer, what is your name, what is your name? You're a very good dancer!" This opening track really sets the mood for Woodhands’ dance uproar debut. The quality of the production is very impressive; the duo successfully blend electro-synth-pop with hip-hop/R & B beats in Heart Attack. The strip down drum beats and robot vocal towards the ending of "I Wasn't Made For Fighting", the dynamic rhythm and tempo changes, and the range of effects used all points to Woodhands’ perfect sense of timing. Heart Attack is a dance party and that is truly the only way to describe it!

Under Attack [wicked-cool song]
Sailboats (feat. Laura Barrett)
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