Saturday, September 06, 2008

late of the pier: fantasy black channel

It might not be clear at first, but by the third or forth listen, it should be obvious that Fantasy Black Channel a rather creative, in-depth and extraordinary record. Late Of The Pier’s debut is 40 plus minutes of rhythmic basslines, 80s retro synth-pop melodies, and unforgettable abstract lyrics. "Hot Tent Blues", the rock anthem Muse-like instrumental track opens the album before switching gears into the choppy math-rock gem "Broken". The band’s creativity continues through the tribal-like percussion and messy rhythmic patterns in "The Bears Are Coming". Fantasy Black Channel is not short of ultra catchy singles either: "Space And The Woods" and "Heartbeat" embrace the quartet’s boastful and witty attitudes; "Focker" has a raw and thunderous dance melody; and "Bathroom Gurgle" is a 7-minutes epic that features sudden tempo changes and Sam Eastgate’s falsetto singing. Stylistically speaking, Fantasy Black Channel may not exactly be the most cohesive album; but underneath all the chaotic sound and style, it is bold, youthful, imaginative, and most importantly, full of energy.

Space And The Woods [wicked-cool song]
Focker [wicked-cool song]
Bathroom Gurgle [wicked-cool song]
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Anonymous said...

overrated, they sound like a klaxons' clone!