Tuesday, May 06, 2008

wildbirds & peacedrums: heartcore

Two distinct styles seem to carry through Heartcore by Wildbirds & Peacedrums: a minimalist, vocal driven style like Scout Niblett, and the avant-garde, gospel/chanting style similar to Akron/Family. Nevertheless, the two approaches give the album quite a pleasant balance; and together, they create a wonderfully dark, haunting, and surreal atmosphere. Heartcore is led by Mariam Wallentin’s gorgeous vocals and backed by Andreas Werliin’s experimental percussions. They convey such extraordinary chemistry throughout the record; and this makes sense to me after reading that the two are married. The breathtaking duet makes "The Battle In Water" one of the best songs on the album while the raw and minimal percussion along with Mariam’s powerfully hypnotic vocal create a mesmerizing tribal feel in "The Window". I don’t see too many people getting into Heartcore as it is quite unusual sounding; however, for the few that do get it, you will understand why I think Mariam Wallentin has one of the most beautiful and versatile voices in music today!

Bird [wicked-cool song]
The Battle In Water [wicked-cool song]
The Window [wicked-cool song]
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