Thursday, May 08, 2008

nathan moomaw: 26

To tell a fictional story of the rise and fall of a relationship, The Good Life used each month of the year to represent a track in Album of the Year. Similarly, in 26, Nathan Moomaw documented each month of his twenty-six year old life with a song. 26 is created throughout the course of April 06 to March 07; as Nathan posted on his site, the idea is "to record a song a month (write and record). Any style. As long as it fits and was written (entirely) and recorded within the month." The end result is an album full of genuinely breathtaking songs! The sincere lyrics and soft, lo-fi vocals are backed by a very folk-country sound... kind of like Iron & Wine, but there are more experimenting with styles and instruments. Essentially, 26 lets the listeners peek into the personal journey of Nathan Moomaw; in a way, we get to witness Nathan’s growth from a twenty-six year old musician with a brilliant idea for an album to a twenty-seven year old musician who just completed a strikingly ambitious project.

May [wicked-cool song]
July [wicked-cool song]
September [wicked-cool song]
January [wicked-cool song]
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you can download all the tracks from 26 here
visit Nathan Moomaw's MySpace here
26 is not out in CD format yet, but you can buy another release by Nathan Moomaw here

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