Saturday, May 24, 2008

ratatat: lp3

When I first heard Ratatat’s debut album four years ago, I thought it was one of the most original sounding records at the time. On the other hand, I find myself bored and let down by a sound that I once loved when Classics came out in 2006. So with a not so optimistic mindset, I listened to the duo’s third studio full-length, LP3... and boy, I was in for a surprise! LP3 still very much consists that signature Ratatat style; but this time, the duo experimented with more effects and different instruments. As a result, LP3 has more depth and it (thankfully!) sounds more diverse. I am really enjoying Ratatat's new record at the moment and it totally made up for my disappointment in Classics!

Mirando [wicked-cool song]
Shempi [wicked-cool song]
Mumtaz Khan [wicked-cool song]
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visit Ratatat's MySpace here
buy Shiller 7" Single here
LP3 comes out on July 8th, you can pre-order it here


Val said...

omg, has it leaked!?

Anonymous said...

YES! :)

Anonymous said...

love the new album also :)

ouch said...

Classics was a big letdown, the new album is sort of a departure, their sound has definitely matured and improved a great deal!