Sunday, February 10, 2008

blood red shoes: box of secrets

I am quite in love with a band called Blood Red Shoes at the moment. It’s not like the band’s new to me... I have a collection of lovely 7-inches/singles in my iTunes library, but their new record, Box of Secrets is just absolutely incredible! Some old favourites such as "ADHD" and "You Bring Me Down" have been reworked and re-mastered for the new record. At last, it is nice to hear a full-length album by the Brighton duo rather than just a handful of songs from random single releases; they finally have a release that feels complete! Music-wise, Box of Secrets has the same fast tempo and energizing quality as Be Your Own Pet and Arctic Monkeys while the shared vocals between the two are just perfect. In short, Box of Secrets is an overwhelmingly fantastic debut as all 11 tracks on the album are all pretty irresistible.

Say Something Say Anything [wicked-cool song]
I Wish I Was Someone Better [wicked-cool song]
This Is Not For You [wicked-cool song]
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Box of Secrets comes out on April 14th, you can pre-order here
also, buy Blood Red Shoes’ new single Your Bring Me Down here


Anonymous said...

cool band, thanks for the songs!

Anonymous said...

the links are not working anymore, can you please post the songs again?