Wednesday, February 20, 2008

be your own pet: get awkward

Be Your Own Pet have carried their awesomeness from their debut record over to Get Awkward, the band’s sophomore out on March 17. BYOP’s latest features all the great qualities from the first record: the fast, fun, noisy, and energetic garage-punk-rock sound; yet, Get Awkward is a better album because of its harsher and more playful attitude. BYOP are great in that they are able to make their songs so damn fun and carefree so the listeners forget that the subjects and lyrics are simple and immature at times.

My favourite song off of Get Awkward, and perhaps the most amusing song of the year is “Becky”. It is an absolutely hilarious tale about a girl seeking revenge on her former best friend… I think the chorus sums it up best: "I heard you talked a lot of shit about me to your new best friend. What does it matter anyway? Cos I found a new best friend ok, me and her will kick your ass, we’ll wait with a knife after class." “Becky” is a great example of what the rest of the album feels like: the bitter and reckless mind-set is always complemented with a witty attitude. Get Awkward is an outstanding second record and it has successfully fulfilled all my expectations.

Heart Throb [wicked-cool song]
Becky [super-wicked-cool song]
Blummer Time [wicked-cool song]
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Get Awkward comes out on March 17th, you can pre-order it here


m said...

gimme gimme!

Anonymous said...

not nearly as good as the s/t album!